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Adventure Club

Adventure Club is East Texas' answer to question "what are we going to with the kids for the entire summer?". The program has extended hours for working parents, two meals, is safe by parents' standards and fun by the kid's standards. To sign up [click here].

Where we are

Adventure Club will be at the Carlile Unit (Marshall) and the Gregg Co. Teen Center (Longview) for sure.

The Boys & Girls Clubs of the Big Pines will have an Adventure Club anywhere that we serve as long as we have 50 kids enrolled by May 16.  Before the parents stress, we have achieved 50 every year in several sites including Hallsville, Pine Tree, Spring Hill, and Waskom - just tell your friends.

We are trending toward Gilmer, Gladewater, Hallsville, Pine Tree, and Spring Hill.

When is Adventure Club?

Adventure Club's hours vary by location, so check with your lead staff, but the hours will either be 7:30am - 5:30pm. For the most part, it is an all day program allowing parents to work knowing that their kids will be in a safe enriching place. Adventure Club runs from June 4 - August 3.


Bonus Days

But what about after August 4? In some cases we offer "Bonus Days". This will be a fee-based extension for the Adventure Club. We will need a minimum of 30 kids attending and we need permission from our hosts, where applicable (schools need time to clean up for the new school year).  Dates to be determined based on need.


How old do you have to be?

All campers have to be at least five years old and have completed kindergarten. The age limitations are set by the DFPS. If we take four year olds we risk daycare licensing issues.
The kindergarten part is put in place by the Club. BGCA's programming is for six year olds. We have come to find that kids without familiarity with a classroom setting are often overwhelmed.


Do you have less than all summer rates?

We do! An application still needs to be filled out (insurance and child-safety purposes) before you attend. The rates are:

$25 per day (no $25 reg fee needed for up to 6 days)
$80 per week (no $25 reg fee needed for up to 6 days)
$310 per month + $25 reg fee

What it costs

Adventure Club is $525 ($500 + $25 summer registration fee). At $1.04 per hour, the price is fantastic, but we also know that at one time, that is expensive. The Club offers assistance through our tiered schedule as well as a 15% discount per additional child with a ful paid child.

Assuming there is space, for those that want to attend on a short term basis: $310 per month, $80 per week, or $25 per day.

School Year v Summer Comparison

Reg Fee Full Yr Fee Ttl Hours Cost per Hr
SY $25 $675 540 $0.84
Summer $25 $500 495 $1.04


Why the Club?

First and foremost, we are safe. We run background checks on our staff, they have full training for our staff (including active shooter, weather, and fire), and we are recognized by the DFPS. We are also fun (see the next question). We are not just a place for your kids while you are at work!  

What will you do?
What won't we do! Our awesome staff will have a master schedule for every site. Then each local lead staff will get to add a little flavor to their program. We will have some educational components, like our Summer Brain Gain as a rotation.

How are the kids separated?
Kids will be separated by age, so a six year old won't be with a 12 year old.

Do you have to live where you attend?
No. We have kids that live in Hallsville but attend in Marshall because mom works in Marshall. Its whatever is most convenient.

I can't get there right when you open...
Not a problem. Adventure Club is a come and go camp. If you get there at 10... then you get there at 10. If you have an activity at 3 on Tuesdays, then leave at 2:30. Adventure Club works at what's best for you. Note that breakfast and lunch are served at prescribed times, so you would have to be on site during the food service hours.

Can I make payments?
Talk to Shelly and she can give you dates that payments would be due.

What if I only attend 2-3 days per week?
The camp is come and go, so whatever best works with your schedule.

Will you be taking field trips?
That will be up to our lead staff, but historically we do travel.