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Cookin' for Kids

the most delicious way to save lives in East Texas

The Kim Lake Memorial Cookin' for Kids State Championship BBQ is a certified Texas State Championship taking place in Jefferson, Texas the first weekend in May. Certified by the Texas Lone Star BBQ Society, this year's event will be May 3-4, 2019.

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since 2007!

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This BBQ began in Marshall , Texas in 2007 thanks to Chris Clement and Marshall Toyota. In 2010, it moved to historic downtown Jefferson. Each year this State championship has grown. The 2018 event will again be in the historic downtown, right off the riverfront. The event is fun for the cooks and the community. Most importantly, all profits benefit the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Big Pines  - Jefferson Unit.  

Where we are


WHO IS KIM LAKE? Kim was the wife of one of our Jefferson Board Members. She worked tirelessly for the Club. On the day before the first Cookin' for Kids in Jefferson, Kim unexpectedly passed away after calling pretty much everyone she knew to attend our inaugural event. It is only fitting that this event recognizes her.

This Year

Margarita Contest. Friday night @ 6:30pm. $10 entry fee.

We wanted to add a little fun to the evening for everyone and what says fun more than a margarita?? Make a single pitcher of your very best margaritas. We will provide the drinking shots for our judges with a trophy and cash prizes to the winner. [rules]

Washer Contest. Friday Night @ 8:00pm (yes, after margaritas...intentional). $10 entry fee. One free entry per cooking team.

Again, we want to make Friday night a little fun! If you want in on this one, get in quickly. [rules]

GuacOFF Guacamole Contest. Saturday @ noon. $10 entry fee.

You provide the avocados and we will provide the chips for this first-time ever event. [rules]



MargaritaImage result for margarita on the rocks

1. Must be 21 years or older.

2. We must have at least five entrants to have an official contest. Less than five - PARTY!

2. Anyone that is at least 21 and has $10 to enter can enter. Margaritas must arrive by 7:00pm.

3. This must be an original recipe with no flavoring (no strawberry margaritas, just ...margaritas.)

4. Contestants must provide 32oz of non-frozen margarita for the judges in provided cups.

       The Club will provide the 2oz cups for the judges.


Judges must sign a form designating a designated driver and waiver form.

JUDGING CRITERIA (voting on a scale of 1-5 with 5 being the highest score)

Flavor (60%) Strength of margarita (relating to alcoholic content) – not too strong; not too weak Level of acidity

Smoothness (10%) How easily the margarita goes down.

Final Presentation (30%) Appearance of drink Appropriate glassware for drink Refreshing look





1. This will be a 16-person bracket. Each Cookin' for Kids team gets one free entry. All others $10 per player.  

2. All games are to 21. 11-0 is a skunk (game over) and 17-1 is a whitewash (game over). All games must win by two.

3. Order is selected by diddle, unless both players agree to an order.  

4. The starting contestant throws both washers, one at a time, followed by the second player's throws. Only one player may score

per round, with scoring determined by proximity to the cup. A washer inside the cup scores 5 points (called a cupper).** A washer

not inside the cup, but closest to the cup, scores 1 point. Washers completely outside the pit are ineligible for scoring.

Scoring is done after all contestants have thrown.

** If player 1 tosses a cupper, then player 2 also tosses a cupper, they negate each other for 0 points.

Image result for washer and dryer


1. There must be five entrants to have the contest.

2. Contest is open to anyone that wants to enter. Cost per guac entry is $10. Your guac needs to arrive to the fireman's hall by noon.

3. Guac has to be an original recipe with at least five avocados (to ensure we have enough guac). The Club will provide    
    chips for proper dipping. 

4. As everyone knows, guac is a democracy, not a dictatorship, so we will let the people vote! Voting goes from 12:15-1:00p.
   Any person may sample and vote for the guac with their dollars. Is some guac ok? Drop $1 in their bucket. Is it pretty solid? Give it a
   Fiver. Do you know the guac-chef? The $20 might ensure the title of "GUAC ROYALTY"! The guacamolist with the most dollars in
   their bucket (all of which are donated to the Jefferson Club) will be the champ.

5. The winner will be announced with the BBQ winners at 4pm on Saturday. Avocado Half Trophy