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See You Saturday September 30


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Is it a bike ride or a run? Its both - two separate events. Take a leisurely trip through Hallsville's quaint country roads on this asphalt-paved route. The ride begins at 8am and the run goes off at 8:30 - same route to make it easy..

New in 2018: Chip Timing!

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Everything You Need to Know

Updated 07/30/18
The Boys & Girls Clubs of the Big Pines has been serving Hallsville kids for the last 11 years. Much of our funding came through our Giddyup and Go 5k...but you wanted more.  In 2016 it became a 10k...but you wanted more. So shortly after the 2016 race, we decided to make it a half marathon...but you wanted more. So we added the biking aspect and you have the Hallsville Half. Two separate events through the quiet country asphalt-paved roads of Hallsville.

Saturday September 29, 2018   Image result for kids bicycle race
The bikers go off at 7:30am
The runners go off at 7:45am.
Run Route        Bike Route

     for the run - run registration [click here]
        EARLY BIRD By September 1, 2018  - $55
        PRE REG By September 20, 2018 - $70
        Anytime from September 21-September 29 -$85*
                *Finishers jacket will be mailed to participants that are not preregistered.

    for the ride - bike registration [click here]
       EARLY BIRD By September 1, 2018  - $25
       PRE REG By September 20, 2018 - $40
        Anytime from September 21-September 29 -$60*
        ***a family of four will cost - $100
        *Finishers jacket will be mailed to participants that are not preregistered.

    for the run - run registration [click here]
        Training tshirts are for sale (you runners have enough tshirts!).
        Finishers performance pullover for everyone that, well, finishes the race. (retail value $55.... like getting your entry fee back)
        Age group awards
        Plenty of downloadable race photos
        Some post-partying

    for the ride - bike registration [click here]
       Finishers performance pullover for everyone that, well, finishes the race. (retail value $55.... like getting your entry fee back)
        Age group awards
        Plenty of downloadable race photos
        Some post-partying
    for the run - run registration [click here]
        0-14 // 15-22 // 23-34 // 35-44 // 45-54 // 55-62 // 63-69 // 70-100*

    for the ride - bike registration [click here]
     0-14 // 15-25 // 26-40 // 41-55 // 56+

For both the ride and the race, the top overall male, overall female, and over 55 will receive cool jackets that will be fitted, choice of color, printed with their time on it, and mailed to them within 10 days.

Guaranteed sizes on all orders by September 19.
Please note that any runner registering after September 19 that finishes will be mailed their finishers jacket.

Runners and bikers will have packets emailed to them as a PDF.

HOTEL INFORMATION Need a hotel room for the weekend? The brand new Courtyard by Marriott is our official hotel and is just 11miles away. Call them directly (903) 230- 2700 and use the code "Hallsville Half" to get a discounted room rate.

There is a little bit of overlapping, so we will show you the whole route, then the piece-by-piece version. In any case, the route will be well marked.
The full route

Part1: Route part1     Part2:Route part2     Part3:route part3      Part4:route part4

Map My Run

Staying mainly on country roads, the bike race will run 30 miles south of Hallsville.  The route will be well marked, but we will also
have turn-by-turn directions posted here.


Map My Ride

Turn by Turn (PDF)
  Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:
Part 5:
Part 6:
Part 7:
  Part 8:
Part 8 (close up)
Part 9:
Part 9 (close up):
Picture 10:
Picture 11:

2017 TIMES

Hallsville Half Blue = Bike;     Red = run
108 Kevin Godfrey 42.39
106 Keith Hooks 50.18
105 Rick Lawerency 50.31
109 Yadira Bobadilla 53.05
102 Steve Johnston 58.13
104 Karen Torres 1.07.40
103 Katheryn Courville  
107 Karen Partee 1.19.36
101 Juanita Tucker 1.19.49
100 Rusty Tucker 1.32.2
210 Ina Birch 1.34.53
119 Jim Wright 1.43.50
203 John Wheeler 1.52.13
134 Timothy Delagarza 1.53.18
120 Ryan Berryhill 1.53.50
125 Abbie Treat 1.55.08
135 Eric Gallegos 1.59.14
113 Marissa Bradshaw 1.59.37
137 Crystal Pharis 1.59.51
200 Brian Bunt 2.01.38
201 Bryan Hensley 2.01.53
133 Katie Yoder 2.02.06
207 William MacIntyre 2.02.50
131 Jenna White 2.04.13
118 Johanna Eppley 2.05.56
321 Todd Angus 2.06.43
140 Noel Norwood 2.08.07
211 Keith Barber 2.08.23
123 James Kirkley 2.09.25
204 Kelon Hall 2.10.56
205 Matt Haggard 2.11.59
141 Tony Pierce 2.13.11
215 [checking on this] 2.14.56
136 Jeff Thompson 2.15.05
130 Debra Oden 2.15.19
138 Rafael Vicana 2.15.38
122 Jonette Anderson 2.17.51
129 Sandra Dixon 2.22.23
108 Kevin Godfrey 2.01.29
202 Jerry Anderson 2.14.56
112 Andrea Wimberly 2.26.00
111 Deanna May 2.26.01
116 Mike LaBorde 2.29.09
117 Donna LaBorde 2.29.13
114 Staci Mize 2.32.22
124 Russell Poe 2.36.04
115 Sarah Hassler 2.39.57
209 Ray Birch 2.55.16
128 Sharon Ellis 2.59.52
110 James Cooper Cole 3.05.20

What about.....?

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything that you need to know in one easy place. 

General questions
The run will be Saturday September 29, 2017 with the gun going off at 7:30am for the bike and 7:45 for the run.
Standard race rules - don't cheat, be a friendly runner or biker.
NOT AT ALL. Our biker research focus group says that 13.1 is a pretty quick bike race. Its more of a sprint, or a personal milestone, but not really a race per se. "anyone that can ride a bike, can do 13.1 pretty easy dude."
Their words, not mine, so don't kill the messenger (especially for that poor grammar). Look biking community, help us make this as popular as the run and we can make it more racy.. and we heard you! This year's bike race will be 30 miles for a little more of a challenge.
Hallsville is between Longview and Marshall, depending upon how you get here. Assuming I-20 is your route, get off at the Hallsville/450 exit. Our exact location is at the cross of School Street and Willow. For GPS purposes, use 443 Willow. [Click Here] for a link to the parking lot. The starting line and the parking spot are maybe 100 yards apart.
Pets must be on a leash and in some cases, so do the kids. No, we're just kidding (maybe).
But really, both pets and strollers are acceptable, but you will be asked to start at the end of the pack. And as if we have to say it, please clean up after your pets, well, or kids.
Not only are there plenty of drink stations, be we will have a couple of entertainment stations and quite possibly a mister station. "Mister" as in mist -er. A device that blows mist on hot runners. A Mr. just standing out there? Thats just plain weird!
The whole route is asphalt. There are a lot of trees to keep the sun out. We are running on country roads so the traffic is light at best, and there is one mild incline. I think for a first marathon, it will work for you.
About every two miles we will have aid stations with water, some sore of ADE (Gator...Power... whomever our sponsor is), and energy gels, possibly some GU. We will have paramedics at one station as well as following the route.
Your packet will be sent to the email address that you register with. All packets are expected to go out September 27.
FAQ 10
This event benefits the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Big Pines, specifically the Hallsville Unit. The Club serves about 1,300 square miles of rural East Texas including Elysian Fields, Gilmer, Gladewater, Hallsville, Hughes Springs, Jefferson, Longview, Marshall, Mount Pleasant, Ore City, Waskom, and White Oak, Our mission is to empower the kids of East Texas to BE GREAT.
FAQ 11
We have plenty of sponsorship opportunities from the title sponsor to a mile-marker sponsor, to a drink station sponsor, to a tshirt sponsor. All the information about sponsorships for the run are located [here].
We also have an organizational sponsorship package as well, which would allow your business to be seen in all the communities we serve. To see the corporate sponsorship package [click here].


thank you to our sponsors

We are working to fill this carousel with a HUGE amount of sponsors. If it weren't for these dudes, we couldn't do the half.