The Heritage Club

meeting the future needs of our kids

What is Heritage Club

The Heritage Club is an association of friends of Boys & Girls Clubs 
from all across the country. Like you, these people seek to ensure 
that the future needs of our nation's youth are met by including 
local Boys & Girls Clubs in their estate plans. This planning might 
include a will, charitable gift annuity,a trust arrangement, a real estate 
gift or a life insurance policy. 

What are the benefits of membership in The Heritage Club?

When you join The Heritage Club, Boys & Girls Clubs will thank you by 
providing you with: 
A publication on tax and estate planning.
A personalized Heritage Club recognition plaque (optional).
A lapel pin that indicates your leadership in the mission to guarantee 
     a strong and stable future for our nation's children.
Quarterly publications that let you know how your support is helping 
     to change young lives.

How Can I Become a Member?

Your support through a planned gift will ensure that future generations of our 
     children will have the opportunity to live successful lives in a safe, positive 
     and caring environment. 
Joining The Heritage Club is easy! Simply communicate your intentions by 
     printing, signing and returning our enrollment form. 
For additional information please contact Brooke Paddie, Vice President 
     of Resource Development and Marketing, at (833) BIG-PINEs x770  
     or by email.