The Hallsville Club

where little cats go after school

Address:  300 Willow Street Hallsville, TX 75650  
Lead Staff:  Brandy Hogan
School Year Hours:  3pm-6pm
Summer:  10 Week program
History:  Opened in SY 2006

Welcome to the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Big Pines Hallsville Unit!  

Here at the Hallsville Unit we thrive in making sure all our kiddos are learning in a safe and fun environment!  Our after school program focuses on 5 main areas of growth essential in a child’s life;  Education and Career Development, Health & Life Skills, Sports, fitness & Recreation, Character & Leadership Development and the fine Arts.  Let me share a day in the life of a Club kid.  Your child will be transported to the Club from their school on HISD buses.  When they arrive to the Club they will have a nutritious snack and go to their Power Hour class, which is divided by grade level.   Power Hour is an academic program that helps kids with subjects in school, homework help and high yield learning experiences. After, Power Hour your child will go to a flex period for 30 minutes.  This is sort of like recess at school.  They will rotate with their class to one of these areas once a week; Gymnasium, Outside, Game room or Library. The final hour of the day, your child will get to learn and do some really cool stuff with their friends in these classes; The Art Club, Sports Center, Radio & Media Center or TX AIM Program.  In the Art Club kids get to show off their creative side.  They will have a chance to compete in regional and national exhibits as well as have their work shown in magazines.  The Sports Center gets kids moving and engaging with friends.  They will also have a chance to compete in-house and regional events.  The Radio is a new class formed this year to teach kiddos all the functions of the radio station.  They will get to record themselves on air, create advertisements, and become a journalist and so much more.  Tune in to Bobcat Radio 104.9 to hear the goings on in Hallsville, given to you by the BGC kids.  Another program we started last year, thanks to the partnership with Sylvan Learning, is the TX AIM Program.  This is a small mentoring program focusing on two main areas, reading and math taught once during the fall and once during the spring, before STAAR testing begins.  Here at the Hallsville Club, our mission is to enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens.  

Great Futures Start Here.  
Brandy Hogan                                                                                                                                                                                                               
Unit Director Hallsville


The Red Shirt Society

We believe that youth should be recognized and rewarded for outstanding achievement. We used the icon, because these kids are the bomb!  Each month, a Youth of the Month is selected from all of the members at each Unit. These youth are chosen for their exemplary behavior, strong character, and active involvement in developmental activities. We are proud to present these outstanding youth here: (scroll down to see each month’s choice). The Club's T's come in an array of colors, but only a Youth of the Month can receive a red shirt.

Elisa Shebli We are so proud of Elisa! She was selected by the staff because she is always helpful to everyone. Elisa is very sweet and kind. Her peers voted her yotw because she is a good friend and kind to everyone!


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Local Impact

Local Success & News

-The Club matches the school schedule and will be closed for the Christmas Break. With enough enrollment, the Carlile Unit in Marshall will be open.

The Hallsville kids had a special prayer for our verterans.

Our local board

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