The Marshall Club @ Travis Elementary

where little mavs go after school

Address:  300 W. Carolanne  
Lead Staff:  Ashton Brown
School Year Hours:  3pm-6pm
Summer:  @ the Carlile Unit
History:  Opened in SY 2004

Welcome to the Boys & Girls Club of the Big Pines Travis site!

My name is Ashton Brown, and I am the lead staff at the Travis site. Here is a little about myself; I am from Elysian Fields, TX. I have an 8 yr old daughter and a baby on the way! I have been with Boys & Girls Club for almost 8 years. I have a passion for working with children! My staff includes Sara Bliss, who has been an educator for over 28 years and has worked for the club for 8 years. Linda Foster, who has worked with MISD for 26 years. Shawanna Hayes, who has been with the club for 3 years, she is a student at ETBU seeking her Masters in Counseling. Allena Bliss, who has been on and off with the club for about 5 years.
At the Travis site this year we plan on having a great deal of educational fun! From 3pm-4pm we have our "Power Hour", which is our homework hour. During that time we have four different tutors provided for us, for your child's convenience. From 4pm-4:30pm we have snack that is provided. That is also the time we start our Boys & Girls Club programs. We teach a Healthy Habits program, which deals with healthy eating. We teach Triple Play which deals with physical activity and being active everyday. We teach Youth for Unity which teaches the children about how to feel about ones self and those around us. Those are only a select few programs we teach. We also have a splendid mentor program! My intention is for your child to come home talking about our program , and have them ready and willing to come back the next day for more!

Here is to a superb year, parents!!!   

Ashton Brown
Lead Staff


The Red Shirt Society

We believe that youth should be recognized and rewarded for outstanding achievement. We used the icon, because these kids are the bomb!  Each month, a Youth of the Month is selected from all of the members at each Unit. These youth are chosen for their exemplary behavior, strong character, and active involvement in developmental activities. We are proud to present these outstanding youth here: (scroll down to see each month’s choice). The Club's T's come in an array of colors, but only a Youth of the Month can receive a red shirt.

Skylah Slaten Skylah was chosen for youth of the month because of how far she has come in opening up. I know for some kids it's hard to come out of that shell. She always has a smile and is ready to lend a helping hand!!! Skylah has been a club kid for a very long time seemed only fitting to chose her!!!


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Local Impact

Local Success & News

-The Club matches the school schedule and will be closed for the Christmas Break. With enough enrollment, the Carlile Unit in Marshall will be open..

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