7v7 Non Contact Football




Love the sport of football, but hate the intentional-contact for your child? Then 7v7 football is the sport for you. This sport is fantastic for both boys and girls. It requires quick decisions, lots of running, and is touch football. All games are played at Flowers Field in Marshall.

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... to keep kids safe and active

The Club is excited to offer the kids throughout east Texas a variety of sports to keep them active. Hover over the pictures below to get a snapshot of that sport. Follow the link in the upper right corner of each picture to take you directly to that sport's homepage. 

Mission and Sports Vision

Vision – The Boys & Girls Clubs of the Big Pines intends to encourage the youth of the communities to embrace healthy lifestyles through physical activity, exercise, play and proper nutrition and to carry these lifestyle choices with them through adulthood.   

Mission – The Boys & Girls Clubs of the Big Pines will develop, test and field organized sports programs, after school physical activities, and physical and nutritional education programs for the purpose of creating an environment where children can find activities that they choose to participate in rather than other non-physical activities (Video games, TV, etc.).


Sign Ups Begin:     May 1, 2018 Marshall Sign Ups End:      May 25, 2018
The Cost:     $50 per player (season + jersey) Includes:      NFL Licensed Jersey
For ages:     6-14 (8th Grade) Age as of:      July 1
Season:     Late June - Early August (doubleheaders on Saturdays) Games: Played on Saturdays
  Groupings (the grade you are going into):
1st-2nd; no more than 8 yrs old as of age cutoff date
3rd-4th; no more than 11 yrs old as of age cutoff date
5th-6th; no more than 13 yrs old as of age cutoff date
7th-8th; no more than 14 yrs old as of age cutoff date

For the out of town teams

In the past, we have had teams from Waskom, EF, Evangel, Calvary, Hallsville, Longview... pretty much all over. So if you want a team from your community how does it work?

Big Pines Sports are intended to be participatory first and competitive second. Our one sport that is more on the competitive side is 7v7. Teams are allowed to recruit your own team up to the 10 person maximum. The age groups are the same as listed above and are run like tournament teams; the coach is the point person. It is the coach's responsibility to get the team registered, to fill out the roster and get the roster turned in, and to pay the Club by the sign up date losted below.




1 Identify a coach for each team. You will have some communities that have a K-2nd and a 5th-6th. A community is not required to have a team per age group, but one person cannot coach two teams due to conflicting schedules. All coaches must have a volunteer application sent in with their rosters.    
2 Recruit your team of up to 10 players per roster. We strongly recommend 10 players due to vacations, kids getting tired, etc.    
3 Fill out the Big Pines roster sheet and collect $50 per player to turn into to the Athletic Director by June 6. Teams not submitted by June 6 will not go on the schedule. Players may be added to rosters, as long as its not exceeding 10 players per team. We need this time to make the schedule as well as get the jerseys for each team. All rosters are final at the first game.  
4 Teams are not required to provide proof of age to sign up, but if a player's eligibility is questioned by an opposing coach or Club official, then the birth certificate and most recent report card will have to be produced or the player is ineligible until they can be verified.