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 news a sport for the Club.

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How you can help


General Volunteering

If you want to volunteer, with no special plan in mind (see "coaching" or "bring a skill"), and just want to help the Club, just follow the procedures to the right. Call the Club and we will plug you in to the best possible fit for you and the kids.



In most cases, other than parents and teachers, a coach can have a huge impact on a child. You are not just teaching a sport, you are teaching the kids about how to win and how to lose. You are teaching the kids how to be part of a team. With childhood obesity on the rise, you are keeping kids active. If you want to coach click on the button below.

Bring a Skill Do you have a particular skill that you can share? Can you play the harmonica? Are you a decent cook? Do you want to mentor? Do you secretly play Pokemon Go? Then we can use you! One of the great things that the Club offers our kids is the opportunity to try things. Different things with caring adults. We want you to share that with our kids.

Call the Club. We will work with your schedule. In most cases, we can buy the supplies. Will you help us create the next Emeril? Maybe...maybe not but your time, passion, and skill would serve as a wonderful experience for our kids. 

Voulenteering - a step-by-step


Community Service

The Club is often called about community service hours. In many cases people can do their community service at the Club.  In many cases, it depends on the nature of the offense (we cannot be used for anything felony-related), but the Club has relationships with most of the courts in East Texas.